Health & Wellness Resources

Colorado State University is host to numerous student resources connected to health, wellness, and prevention. Compiled below are resources for chapters and individuals on a wide variety of health and wellness related topics. This includes information about how chapters might request a presentation/workshop from on-campus experts connected to a health, wellness, or prevention topic.

Connections to CLIMB:

  • As chapters build connections among members, supporting one another in meeting harm reduction expectations and ensuring members are healthy should be a top priority.
  • Chapters should serve as change agents, helping members make positive and proactive choices and changes toward wellness.

For more information regarding health and wellness, visit the Meet our Staff page to determine which staff member is the best contact for your inquiry.

The CSU Health Network offers a free and confidential consultation process for fraternity and sorority chapters. RISE works with fraternities and sororities who wish to take a deeper look at alcohol or other drug use. The consultants work with chapter leadership and membership to identify problem areas and develop recommendations for improvement.

The process includes four meetings:

  1. Consultants meet with chapter leadership to determine direction, areas of interest, goals, and reasons for seeking resources
  2. Consultants conduct a focus group with members to gather information and identify areas of improvement
  3. Consultants summarize their findings and provide suggestions to the chapter. The chapter alongside the consultants develop optional action plan and timeline that aligns with the recommendations
  4. There will be a follow up consultation after a few months to see how the process is going and develop new ways to tweak or adjust the action plan if needed
  5. RISE is free, strictly confidential, offers optional action plans, and non-judgmental support.

To participate contact:

Andrea Coryell

Assistant Director, Substance Abuse Prevention

Health Education and Prevention Services

Colorado State University Health Network

Ph (970) 491-1744