Meet the chapters of the Multicultural Greek Council at many of our events! A full list of our events can be found on the FSL Calendar.

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Fraternities and sororities in MGC host recruitment events that vary from chapter to chapter. All organizations hold at least one public meeting or event (informationals) intended to engage interested students, some hosting several throughout the academic year. At these events students have the opportunity to learn more about the organization and specific requirements for membership. Check out the organization pages for more information.


Do I need to be of a certain race/ethnicity to join MGC fraternities/sororities?
No, MGC chapters are open and welcoming across the board of all cultural backgrounds. What is important to recognize is that an organization’s foundations may be rooted in a particular cultural experience (currently Asian-interest or Latina/o/x-interest) that shapes the chapter and its members. Organizations that are multicultural in interest or experience also have differences in the way they articulate and promote multiculturalism. That is why it is important to know about both the organization’s story and the culture of the chapter at CSU.

Why does MGC call new member education “intake” and what makes it different?
‘Intake’ honors the uniqueness of each MGC organization’s education process. MGC chapters bring in either a new class or line through a process that is either ‘open’ (meaning public) or ‘closed’ (meaning private). Prospective members in an ‘open’ process can share that they are in a chapter’s incoming class or line during their new member education period. Potential members in a ‘closed’ process are only able to disclose association with an organization after completing their new member education period. Intake includes a variety of activities including but not limited to interviews, bonding activities, and educational meetings. For some organizations the end of “intake” is celebrated with a new member presentation (sometimes called probates, step outs, or showcases). It is important to ask of membership expectations as you meet and seek membership in an MGC organization including the type of process and if the chapter has class/line presentations.

What happens if I choose not to continue in an intake process once I’ve started?
You have no obligation to complete an intake process of any organization. Any conversations regarding the return of items between you and the chapter should be handled relatively soon, whether it be money, education materials, or others. If there are any difficulties in the process or additional concerns arise, please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

What if the organization I want to join is not currently recognized at CSU?
It is possible to invite (or bring back) organizations to CSU depending on the organization’s willingness and ability to expand/recharter. The process of beginning a new entity will require additional requirements by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the SLiCE office to be recognized. Contact MGC Advisor Elijah Serena ( for more information about how the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life can support your search for membership in a culturally based fraternity or sorority not currently at CSU.

What if I have a question that has not been answered yet?
For more information regarding the Multicultural Greek Council, please contact the MGC Vice President of Public Relations at or the MGC Advisor Elijah Serena at