Fraternity and sorority membership involves a financial cost. That cost varies widely by chapter, and students interested in pursuing membership should ask questions to clearly understand financial expectations. Additionally, some of our chapters have facilities that involve some kind of financial and housing obligation as well. Questions interested students might consider asking include:

  • What is the per semester cost to be a member of this chapter?
  • When are dues due to the organization?
  • Does your chapter offer payment plans to pay dues in installments? Are scholarships available?
  • What do dues cover? Should we expect any additional fees as part of membership?
  • Does the chapter have a facility? If so, what is the live-in obligation? What are the costs associated with housing?

Chapters should be easily able to respond to questions regarding financial expectations. Most CSU fraternity and sorority chapters do not have facilities, but for those that do, costs are typically inclusive of all utilities, parking, and meals. This means that housing costs in fraternity/sorority housing are often lower than those associated with all costs of living on campus as well as in off campus housing.

The grid below provides additional financial information, including average and range of costs by council. Since financial obligations vary widely, if you wish to understand more about each governing council to better utilize the grid below, use the following links to determine in which council(s) you have interest:

During COVID-19, many chapters have decreased dues expectations to reflect changes in chapter operations as well as honor the financial hardship currently experienced by many students. The numbers in the grid below may be higher than what financial expectations look like in the 2020-2021 academic year. Students are encouraged to talk with chapters they are considering joining about financial expectations all the time, and in particular understand the chapter's financial model during COVID-19 and post-pandemic when financial expectations may evolve again.


Dues Cost Range (semester) – New Member

Dues Cost Range (semester) – Active Member

Average Dues Cost (semester) – New Member

Average Dues Cost (semester) – Active Member

Other Costs?

Semester Housing Cost Range

Semester Housing Cost Average


$200 – $850

$300 – $780



Roughly five IFC chapters report that there are additional fees connected to non-mandatory events, a one-time activation fee, etc.

$1800 – $4200







One MGC chapter reports there may be additional costs connected to apparel and transportation.





$50 – $300



NPHC chapters report additional costs connected to attendance at conferences and potential participation in certain activities (like step shows).




$170 – $495 (associate); $640 – $1589 (NPC)

$22.52 – $415 (associate); $300 – $1339 (NPC)

$315.63 (associate); $994.56 (NPC)

$328.13 (associate); $727.67 (NPC)

Roughly three PHA chapters report that there are additional fees connected to ordering badges or covering additional social events, but in small amounts. Dues costs listed cover “out of house” or “parlor” fees for any members not living in the facility. These additional amounts (for housed chapters) can add $350-800 to chapter dues and should be discussed with chapters.

$3740 – $4575



$80 – $250

$40 – $300