COVID-19 Update

Because most philanthropy and fundraising opportunities require gatherings of more than 10 people or rely on large-scale or drop in events that do not meet expectations of public health orders and guidance, philanthropy and fundraising events will not take place in the same way in fall 2020 as they have historically.

Philanthropy and fundraising events that do not meet public health order expectations and guidance will not be confirmed, including all signature events, drop-in events, and most sales.

Chapters that wish to host percentage nights in partnership with a local business should contact the OFSL to discuss options and ensure partnership with the venue meets current guidance and public health orders.

Chapters are encouraged to host virtual philanthropy/fundraising events or engage in other forms of advocacy to fulfill their organizational purpose of giving back to the community.

Due Date

This form is due four weeks  prior to the event. Only one fraternity/sorority philanthropy/fundraising event will be confirmed for each weekday (Monday through Friday). No more than two fraternity/sorority philanthropy/fundraising events shall be confirmed on the same weekend day (Saturday and Sunday), and should there be two events on the same day, they must not overlap for more than two hours. Please review the f/s community calendar to ensure that your desired date is available.

I Have Questions about the Policy!

The Fraternity and Sorority Joint Policy on Philanthropy and Fundraising, which defines all the rules governing philanthropy and fundraising events, can be found under our Community Policies page.  If there are additional questions which are not addressed in the policy, please email your respective council community service and philanthropy officer or the community service and philanthropy intern.

Terms of Registration Form

The chapter does hereby accept full responsibility for the event stated below. In accepting this responsibility, the chapter will make certain that all applicable federal, state, province, county, city, and Colorado State University laws and policies, as well as the Fraternity & Sorority Joint Policy on Philanthropy and Fundraising and their (Inter)National organization policies and procedures are enforced. The chapter understands that the chapter is required to regulate the behavior of all individuals in attendance during the event. The chapter understands that failure to abide by all terms of this agreement and all event policies and regulations may result in disciplinary action. The chapter understands that a chapter cannot host/participate in this event without full completion of this registration form and emailed confirmation by their respective governing council’s designee.

Please note that completion of the Philanthropy & Fundraising Post-Event Form is a required part of registration. Failure to complete the Philanthropy & Fundraising Post-Event Form will result in a loss of Elevation credit.