Scholarship & Academic Education Resources

The fraternity and sorority community is committed to encouraging lifelong learning and critical thinking. To assist in that effort helpful resources from the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and from CSU regarding scholarship and academics are provided below.

The primary aim of fraternities and sororities is to assist members in their academic efforts. All chapters should actively work to support members in their academic efforts, promote lifelong learning, and create opportunities for growth and improvement related to academic excellence.

Connections to CLIMB:

  • Beyond academic performance, chapters should actively support their members in their journey to become lifelong learners and develop critical thinking skills. Preparing for life after college is more than just earning a stellar GPA; it’s also about engaging critically in academic concepts and gaining skills around learning that will last a lifetime.
  • As students engage in their academic coursework, they should also develop a great sense of purpose and be able to make meaning of their professional plans post-college assisted by their academic course of study and additional professional experiences like internships, education abroad, and service learning.

For more information regarding health and wellness, visit the Meet our Staff page to determine which staff member is the best contact for your inquiry.

Fraternities and sororities value academic excellence. To assist chapters as they help individual members become more engaged and committed students, a template scholarship plan and individual scholarship assessment template have been created and are provided below.

Scholarship Plan Template

Individual Scholarship Assessment Template

Health & Wellness Resources

Educational resources and supporting programming and referrals to health and wellness needs.

Health & Wellness Resources

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