Fraternity & Sorority Programming Board

The Fraternity & Sorority  Programming Board is responsible for creating experiences and initiatives that foster the development of a collaborative fraternity and sorority community. The Programming Board directors coordinate and implement a variety of community-wide events including Homecoming, New Member Mingle, Ritual Celebration Week, National Hazing Prevention Week, and F/S Fest.

The directors of the Programming Board consist of the Executive Director, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing, Directors of Signature Events, Director of Community Events, Assistant Event Directors, Interfraterntiy Council Liaison, Multicultural Greek Council Liaison, and a Panhellenic Association Liaison.

Each member of the Programming Board is expected to reflect the vision, mission, and non-negotiable values of the CLIMB expressed by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Spring Events

National Ritual Celebration Week

National Ritual Celebration Week is scheduled for March 6 – 10. The goal of the week is to show pride in and reflect on the Ritual within each chapter that teaches organizational values. The F/S Programming Board will be hosting a friendly Instagram competition throughout the week in which each chapter will be awarded points for posting pictures on chapter official Instagram accounts that are in alignment with the prompt of each day. More information about week of events and Instagram competition can be found here.

F/S Fest Competition

F/S Fest is scheduled for April 5 – 12. The purpose of the F/S Fest Competition is to engage the community in building meaningful connections. This year, the following events/activities will be presented as an opportunity to gain points: Instagram posts/stories, Lip Sync Battle, Picnic and Sports, MGC Stompz, Trivia with the WGAC, and a CSU Softball game where the winners will be announced. While all events are programmed for the benefit of the FS community, none of these events are mandatory for the whole chapter. It is encouraged that different chapter members participate in each event to increase community engagement. More information about F/S Fest competition rules and event descriptions can be found here.

Current Programming Board Directors

Executive Director – Caitria Remington

Director of Finance – Gavin Dawson

Director of Marketing – London Gailey

Director of Community Events – Rylee Martinez

Assistant Director of Community Events – Vacant

Director of Signature Events – Kathryn Locke Harris

Assistant Director of Signature Events – Reid Fellner

Interfraternity Council Liaison – Kagan Baker

Multicultural Greek Council Liaison – China Noeun

Panhellenic Association Liaison – Amory Anderson

Professional Fraternity Council Liaison – Vacant