Fraternity and Sorority Life Programming Board

The FSL Programming Board is responsible for creating experiences and initiatives that foster the development of a collaborative fraternity and sorority community. The Programming Board directors coordinate and implement a variety of community-wide events including Homecoming, New Member Mingle, Ritual Celebration Week, National Hazing Prevention Week, and F/S Fest.

The directors of the FSL Programming Board consist of the Executive Director, Director of Administration, Director of Finance, Director of Marketing, two Directors of Signature Events, Director of Community Events, three Assistant Events Directors, Interfraterntiy Council Liaison, Multicultural Greek Council Liaison, and a Panhellenic Association Liaison. Each member of the Programming Board is expected to reflect the vision, mission, and non-negotiable values of the CLIMB expressed by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life


FSL Programming Board Applications are Open!

The board is searching for individuals to fill the following director positions:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of Finance

Complete list of position responsibilities and application can be found here.

Applications are due on Friday, September 7th by 5:00pm. Please email if you have any questions.

Current Programming Board Directors

Executive Director- Megan Dunlap

Director of Administration- Max Peterson

Director of Finance- Vacant

Director of Marketing- Vacant

Assistant Director of Marketing- Flint Corliss

Director of Community Events- Jess Crace

Assistant Directors of Community Events- Nicholas Calley & Tatianna Media 

Director of Signature Events; Homecoming- Nicki Senerchia 

Assistant Director of Signature Events; Homecoming- Mallory Latimer 

Director of Signature Events; F/S Fest Sarah Shepherd 

Assistant Director of Signature Events; F/S Fest: Beth Allen & Sophia Hinnen

Interfraternity Council Liaison: Jeremy Wasserman  

Multicultural Greek Council Liaison: Santanna Pacheco   

Panhellenic Association Liaison: Demi Ball