The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life creates experiences to challenge and encourage one’s journey toward growth and the achievement of unique potential.

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life believes in the process of helping students reach their true potential. We believe the mission and vision will be achieved through infusing the following non-negotiables throughout our programs, services, and conversations with students.


Elevation: Ascend to greater heights.

Non-Negotiable Values

Change Agents: The OFSL imparts socially responsible leadership on fraternity and sorority members, focusing on doing good in the community, identifying root causes of social and systemic issues, recognizing and challenging inequities in society, and participating in an ever-growing and changing global society with the knowledge that individual actions matter.

Lifelong Learning & Critical Thinking: The OFSL creates experiences that encourage students to engage in lifelong learning, sound decision-making rooted in critical thought, and reflection on one’s interests and passions.

Inclusivity & Social Justice: The OFSL engages in the process and goal of change in the fraternal movement and the CSU fraternity and sorority community through integration of diverse perspectives, the elimination of oppression, and the personal investigation of identities and systems of injustice.

Meaning-Making & Purpose: The OFSL creates opportunities for fraternity and sorority members to intentionally seek meaning from failures and successes to grow and develop as well as discover individual and organizational purpose to pursue a more authentic and congruent student experience.

Building Coalitions and Connections: The OFSL assists students in looking inward to one’s identity and wellbeing as a prelude to connection with others and provide experiences to ensure that friendship and fraternal bonds are filled with care, concern, and challenge to elevate the status quo. The OFSL will assist fraternity and sorority members as they seek a healthy and diverse fellowship with members across chapters and councils, alumni/ae, Colorado State University, and the global community.