Please complete the following Philanthropy Registration Form for any and all events held by chapter or chapters that benefit a 501(c)(3) or other beneficiary that is not the hosting entity (ies). If you have received approval for an event this semester and want to register multiple events, please complete the Additional Philanthropy Registration Form. Questions about the registration process can be directed to

  • Please use your Rams email address (for our use in submitting the event to the CSU calendar, which requires a Rams email address).
  • e.g. Alpha Beta Gamma Fraternity, Inc.; Delta Epsilon Zeta; Sisterhood Sorority
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  • Please describe what attendees should expect when attending your event, including the costs and who the money is going to (nonprofit organization or beneficiary). Example: Sisterhood Sorority invites you to their Hoops for Hope philanthropy event on April 1st from 11am to 3pm at City Park to benefit Project HOPE. Hoops for Hope is Alpha Beta's annual hoop-themed fair that includes food booths, activity stations, games for prizes, and a Last Hula Hoop Ringing competition. Costs are entry and ticket based, $5 to enter and $2 for 10 tickets. All funds raised will support Project HOPE in their efforts to provide lasting solutions to health problems around the world.
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    • By entering your name in this field, you confirm that you have thoroughly reviewed the calendar and this form to meet registration requirements, and in the event that changes must be made to the information submitted via this form, they will be communicated to as soon as possible. You also confirm that completing this form does not guarantee approval of this philanthropy event, as that decision is made with the community and your submitted form in mind.