New members are vital to the growth and progress of fraternities and sororities at Colorado State University. Our office recognizes the importance of individual chapter educational experiences, as well as recognizes the need for additional understanding of fraternity and sorority involvement at CSU more broadly.

For new members, F/S 101 provides an opportunity to learn more about not just their own chapter, but our community as a whole. New members will complete F/S 101 during their first semester of membership in one of our chapters.

The task for all new member education officers to provide guidance and entry into the organization and fraternity and sorority life can be overwhelming. Our office is invested in supporting leaders as they work to recruit, educate, and retain new members into their organizations.

If you are a new member of your organization, please click the link below to begin F/S 101. You’ll be guided through a series of four modules that will help you be as successful as possible during the first few months of your membership. Please note that you will need to correctly answer the questions at the end of each module to receive credit for completing the modules.

Launch F/S 101