The Officer Workshop Series (OWS) is a series of workshops organized by content area “pathway” provided for chapter leaders. Each semester a general officer workshop series “kickoff” meeting is held in which general and consistent leadership training is offered along with officer-specific training. These workshops are primarily organized by staff members with input, co-development, and/or co-facilitation with governing council officers (as applicable) or other student leaders. The workshops are organized by “pathway,” meaning that there is a series of programming filled with area-specific content designed to meet the needs of particular officers. This makes it easier for an officer to follow the educational opportunities specific to their area. Provided programming in each pathway varies to provide maximum learning for chapter officers and is designed to connect chapter leadership to resources in the CSU and Fort Collins community. These programming topics are determined by staff and council officers and may be the result of needs assessments or current community issues.

Topics/Pathways Include:

  • Academic Success/Scholarship
  • Risk Management
  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • Service and Philanthropy
  • New Member Education

To learn when OWS programs are held, please visit the fraternity and sorority community calendar.

Throughout the semester additional workshops (including the kick off) are held. Additionally programs may be offered in each area if there is a campus-based program offered that fulfills the needs in a certain pathway and if those programs are discovered after the initial pathway program dates are determined.

Since the Elevation Accreditation Program requires attendance at events, pathway attendance is measured through this program. The initial officer workshop series kickoff event is required for all relevant officers in the chapter with individualized make-up meetings offered if needed. Following the initial kickoff event, the relevant officer(s) in each pathway must attend at least one other program in their pathway to secure Elevation credit (for a total of two programs per semester). Topics are designed to meet the needs of the community. Staff and council officers plan to have all pathway program opportunities identified and on the calendar before the semester begins so that officers can plan accordingly.

Chapters with limited numbers of officers or those that don’t officers in each pathway area can work with Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life staff to make accommodations and ensure the chapter is not penalized in any way.