CSU Fraternity & Sorority Life – COVID-19 Community Message

Greetings, fraternity & sorority members:

We know this year has been challenging for all students, and certainly for fraternities and sororities. The pandemic has impacted us all in ways that few of us could have imagined 12 months ago.

The purpose of this message is two-fold: to share our gratitude for all you have done so far to practice public health behaviors, and to reinforce the importance of continued compliance to protect our community, friends and loved ones.

First, thank you. Most of our fraternity and sorority community has, over the course of the last year, done an amazing job of being in community while observing public health requirements. Thank you for being positive representatives of our chapters and our larger fraternity and sorority community, and for doing your part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Second, we must commit to staying the course and continuing to respect public health requirements. We know that everyone is tired; pandemic fatigue is real. Many of us are eager to return to life as we knew it pre-COVID. Yet, this is not the time to ease our diligence. The pandemic is not over, and we have a duty to our loved ones and our community by continuing protective measures.

In the last several weeks, we have learned about gatherings and behaviors within the fraternity and sorority community that do not align with our community values and that are in direct violation of county public health orders and CSU COVID-19 guidelines. Those behaviors have been noticed by your classmates, university leaders and county health officials. The choices of those involved negatively impact the larger fraternity and sorority community, and they represent potential risk for members of this community and beyond.

Now is the time to recommit to finishing this semester in a positive way. We must hold ourselves and each other accountable and think about the ways individual and collective behaviors reflect on our chapters and our community more broadly. For more information about expectations and guidelines and how they specifically impact fraternities and sororities, visit our COVID-19 here.

Thank you for your efforts thus far and thank you for your continued efforts as we move together through this spring semester.

-Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life