The Fraternity and Sorority Life Awards are held at the beginning of each year to recognize individuals and chapters who have gone above and beyond in their fraternal commitment. Below are outlines for both the individual and chapter awards processes. Information about how to apply for individual awards will be arriving shortly. If you have questions about applying for chapter awards, please contact your OFSL staff liaison.

To enter the pool of eligible candidates for an award, the individual must either self-nominate or nominated by someone else using this form. Other than those who decide to self-nominate, there is no need for the individual being nominated to do anything to receive an award.Providing multiple nominations or supplemental letters of support are available. More than one nomination is not required, but more information increases the judging committees understanding of the candidates. What follows are the award categories:

Sorority/ Fraternity Member of the Year
The purpose of this award is to recognize members of the fraternity and sorority community who have shown, through their accomplishment, participation, and dedication a genuine commitment to the improvement of the CSU fraternity and sorority community. Award winners should be involved in their organizations and the community as a whole and actively participate in initiatives, programs, and opportunities to make the community better. These individuals also work to inspire and motivate those around them to better live the values of fraternities and sororities, in part through role modeling the values themselves.

President of the Year
The purpose of this award is to recognize exemplary chapter presidents. Outstanding chapter presidents have made an impact in and on their chapter and leave a strong legacy. These presidents may have encountered challenges and resistance, worked to make chapter change, or helped an excellent chapter become even better. Award winners are presidents with strong leadership skills that are capable of leading by example and representing the organization and the fraternity and sorority community as a whole in a positive way through values based decision making and

Emerging Leader of the Year
The purpose of this award is to recognize members of the fraternity and sorority community that are the leaders of tomorrow. These individuals, while relatively new to fraternity and sorority involvement, show promise and are eager to pursue leadership opportunities in their chapter, council and beyond.

Living the Ritual
The purpose of this award is to recognize members of the fraternity and sorority community who consistently positively display organizational and community values through daily actions and behavior. These members are respected for their integrity and ability to embody the best of fraternity and sorority life. Through their actions they inspire and motivate others to be more values-driven.

Scholar of the Year
The purpose of this award is to recognize members of the fraternity and sorority community who consistently push themselves above and beyond in their intellectual pursuits. Scholarship is not limited to the classroom, and the applicants for this award should be well rounded and exhibit more than just having a high grade point average.

Outstanding Campus Involvement Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize members of the fraternity and sorority community that are widely and deeply involved across campus. These individuals recognize the importance of serving the institution through activities, organizations, and opportunities and represent the fraternity and sorority community positively through these involvements.

Outstanding Community Service and Philanthropy Award
The purpose of this award is to recognize members of the fraternity and sorority community who actively contribute to community service and philanthropy through their individual efforts and/or creating opportunities for community service and philanthropy within their chapter or council. These individuals clearly display a personal value of giving back and represent the fraternity and sorority foundational value of service, consistently working to make their community better.

Advisor of the Year
The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding chapter advisors. These individuals selflessly give of their time and energy to improve the undergraduate fraternity/sorority experience.

The process to apply for awards utilizes a combination of the Elevation Accreditation program and panel interviews specific to capture both the quantitative and qualitative nature of our chapters’ performance. In the Fall semester, all chapters, regardless of cycle will be emailed about their desire to apply for awards.  For each award, the chapter is interested in receiving, they will be evaluated on their quantitative performance in the past cycle of the Elevation Accreditation program, as well as their panel interview.

Regardless if a chapter is applying for one award or all seven awards, they are allotted the same amount of time.  Noting this, it is important for chapters to be succinct in their delivery and remember the judges are looking for specific items.  Below is a breakdown of what the judges are looking for in each interview, broken down by each category.

Commitment to Academic Excellence
Guiding Values: Lifelong Learning & Critical Thinking, Meaning Making & Purpose

  • Chapter can articulate their scholarship plan, which includes chapter goal setting and plans for supporting individual members and maintaining pre-established GPA requirements/ expectations.
  • Chapter is able to describe how they recognize individual member academic achievement
  • Chapter has a plan for supporting and holding accountable individuals that do not meet academic requirements
  • Chapter hosts academic workshops or educational opportunities for members to explore their educational goals and expand their academic skills/ promote lifelong learning.
  • Chapter has a scholarship and/or faculty/staff advisor who is utilized to support academic efforts.

Harm Reduction and Risk Management
Guiding Values: Meaning Making & Purpose, Building Coalitions and Connections

  • Chapter can articulate a harm reduction plan focused on keeping members and guests safe in a wide variety of situations.
  • The chapter’s risk management plan focuses on topics/ areas beyond alcohol and social event management.
  • Chapter provides educational opportunities for members on risk management topics.
  • Chapter has processes for holding members accountable by utilizing sound decision making related to harm reduction and risk management.
  • Chapter helps members understand through educational opportunities about the risk management policies associated with CSU, inter/national organizations, and the FSL joint risk management policy.

Excellence in Service and Philanthropy
Guiding Value: Change Agents

  • Chapter can articulate their plan to help members understand the importance of service and philanthropy.
  • Chapter hosts regular service opportunities for members and tracks participation.
  • Chapter hosts philanthropic efforts and understand the cause their efforts support.
  • Chapter works to educate members and attendees/ community about the cause their philanthropy supports (considers root cause issues such as poverty, racial inequity, food rights, etc.).
  • Chapter encourages individual members to do service in their lives and connects these efforts to organizational values.

Excellence in Membership Development
Guiding Values: Inclusivity & Social Justice

  • Chapter articulate their plan for helping members develop and grow through every stage of membership.
  • Chapter provides leadership and personal development opportunity experiences for members.
  • Chapter has a plan for building and enhancing fellowship.
  • Chapter utilizes ritual education and helps members understand the importance of living organizational values as expressed through Ritual.
  • Chapter describes an officer transition program.
  • Chapter encourages individual involvement around campus and the seeking of leadership roles and opportunities.

Excellence in Recruitment, Intake, and Retention
Guiding Values: Inclusivity & Social Justice, Building Coalitions & Connections

  • Chapter articulates a plan for recruiting new members in a values-congruent manner.
  • Chapter has a development plan for their incoming members which includes expectations of membership, organizational history, organizational values, and academic achievement/ skill development.
  • Chapter has an intentional and reasonable plan for growth.
  • Chapter provides hazing education for its incoming members.

Excellence in Chapter Management
Guiding Value: Lifelong Learning & Critical Thinking

  • Chapter articulates systems they utilize to remain organized and highly functioning (may include financial management, calendaring, meeting efficiency, and communication strategies.
  • Chapter discusses ways to create high functioning and financially solvent budget.
  • Chapter identifies strategies for running effective chapter meetings.
  • Chapter details process for developing a balanced and organized chapter calendar and avoiding overprogramming.
  • Chapter has strategies for effectively communicating with chapter membership.

Excellence in External Relations
Guiding Value: Building Coalitions & Connections

  • Chapter engages with alumni or alumnae through meaningful events and communication.
  • Chapter engages with faculty and staff.
  • Chapter engages with parents and family members through meaningful events and communication.
  • Chapter engages with the local community.
  • Chapter is engaged in the larger fraternity and sorority community, through event co-sponsorship, communication, partnership, etc.